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What is Discovery Pico Laser Series?

The word “Pico” in Pico Laser refers to picoseconds which is one trillionth of a second!

Pico Laser is a non-ablative pigment laser that uses ultra-short pulse lengths that “fire” at your skin.

Discovery Pico Laser Series is the most powerful PICO laser with 3 wavelengths for tattoo removal, benign pigmented lesion(s), acne, wrinkles and scars. 

It creates a pure photoacoustic action that shatters inks and pigmentations yet causing no damage to the surrounding tissues. 

This picosecond laser can efficiently pulverize even the deepest skin colors and big areas due to its shorter pulse durations and high peak strength.

Discovery Pico Laser Series at Lloyds Medical Group

How Does Discovery Pico Laser Series work?

Many of the aesthetic clinics in Singapore are currently using the traditional Q-Switched lasers that break down the pigmented particles in granules. 

Discovery Pico Laser Series, which uses Picosecond pulses, can fragment pigmentation into fine “dust,” which is easier to remove by the body’s immune system. The pigmentation will then lighten as a result.

Discovery Pico Laser Series is ideal treatment for:

Why choose Discovery Pico Laser Series over other Picosecond Lasers?

In Singapore, there are 3 main types of Pico Laser- Discovery Pico Series, PicoSure, and PicoWay.

PicoWay generates a laser beam using the compound Nd:YAG, whereas PicoSure is the only Alexandrite picosecond laser currently available.

Discovery Pico Laser Series, on the other hand, is a second-generation Pico Laser that produces the highest peak power, resulting in more effective results in lesser time and with fewer sessions.

As such, Discovery Pico Laser Series is suitable for individuals with busy schedule since they are able to resume their normal activities quickly. To achieve the best result, we would recommend to try Hydrafacial™ and Discovery Pico Laser Series together.

Discovery Pico Laser Series is now being reviewed as the most powerful dual wavelength Pico Laser in Singapore and worldwide.


Each session may take about 45 minutes, depending on the size of the treated area and the condition being treated.

The number of treatments required varies, depending on the condition and kind of pigmentation. The nature of pigmentation, skin type, skin health, hormones, sun exposure, acne, and other factors etc all influence the treatment’s outcome.

On the average to achieve the best ‘before and after result’’ from Discovery Pico Laser Series treatment, about 4-6 treatments are often required.

Depending on the skin condition, our doctor may recommend weekly treatment for the first month; followed by once every 2-4 weeks for maintenance.

After removal, most pigmentation should not return.

However, new pigmentation may develop as a result of sun exposure, ageing and hormonal changes.

As such, it is recommended to adopt good daily skincare habits and go for regular Pico Laser maintenance treatments to prevent new pigmentation from forming.

This would be based on an individual’s pain tolerance ability and location of the pigmented lesion(s). Most of our patients are able to cope with the laser’s sessions without much discomfort.  During the treatment, the laser is usually described as feelings of tiny warm pricks on the skin.

After the treatment, you can return to work or resume daily activities immediately. However, we would recommend our patients to avoid prolonged / intentional sun exposure for a week after the procedure so as to avoid hyper-pigmentation. Patients may sometimes be prescribed with creams for this purpose as well.

Some patients may experience greying/browning/darkening of the existing pigmentation before it fades off. This is normal and one should not be concerned as it will eventually fade off.

Discovery Pico Laser Series - "Firing" for a brighter and clearer skin

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