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What is Ultherapy®?

Ultherapy® is the first non-invasive skin tightening and lifting treatment with no downtime that has been approved by US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). 

It uses micro-focused ultrasound to lift, tone, and tighten loose skin by initiating the body’s natural healing process.

Our skin’s response to this energy is to recondition fatigued skin by encouraging the growth of new collagen. 

As a result, the skin tightens and gradually lifts — or shifts — back into a more youthful posture and shape.

Ultherapy – Lloyds Medical Group

How Does Ultherapy® work?

Ultherapy® increases collagen production by penetrating deep into the skin with focused ultrasound waves while causing no damage to the skin’s surface.

Collagen is a type of protein found in the body that aids in the stabilization of the skin. A healthy level of collagen is required to maintain the suppleness and firmness of your skin. Collagen production, on the other hand, declines as people get older. and causes the cheekbones, jawline, neck, and brow area to sag and droop.

Ultherapy® works by delivering ultrasonic energy to the deep layers of our skin, helping in the production of collagen in these layers. The device heats the skin’s deep layers, warming the tissues and muscles while also stimulating collagen synthesis. 

Neocollagenesis is a skin regeneration process in which the body uses its own collagen to repair and rebuild the structure of the skin. As a result, drooping skin is lifted and straightened, and fine lines and wrinkles on the chest are reduced.

Why Ultherapy®?

Ultherapy® targets collagen loss in the deep layers of your skin, which is one of the most challenging signs of facial aging.

Collagen loss in the deep layers of your skin causes saggy jowls, a double chin, and droopy eyes. The SMAS layer is your skin’s lowest layer (superficial musculo-aponeurotic system). The SMAS layer is the same skin layer that plastic surgeons tighten during a face lift.

Ultherapy® treatment stimulates collagen creation by directing micro-focused ultrasound energy into the deep layers of your skin under ultrasound supervision. With little to no downtime, you can resume your everyday routine after the treatment

Ultherapy® helps:


Each Ultherapy® treatment session typically take around 60 mins, depending on the treated area.

The neocollagenesis process takes about 2-3 months to complete, therefore your results will take a while to appear. The therapy creates new collagen on the inside, but the length of time to see visible results on your face is determined on your natural aging process.

The number of treatments required by a patient is determined by the laxity of their skin and how their bodies react to the treatment.

If you have more skin laxity, you may require 2 treatments spaced 6-12 months apart. Collagen takes time to form. Waiting this long will allow you to assess how much your skin has improved, allowing you to determine whether or not you want to undergo another procedure.

After a procedure, you will notice minor improvements within a few weeks. For the next 3-6 months, your skin will continue to improve, leaving it firmer.

Individual outcomes may differ though.

Every individual patient’s comfort threshold differ, although there may be some discomfort while the ultrasound energy is administered. This is only temporary, but it is a positive sign showing that the collagen-building process has begun.

After the treatment, the majority of our patients have no downtime. They can resume normal activities immediately following the procedure. though some patients may experience some slight redness of the skin and tenderness to the touch that are not long-lasting.

There are no known side effects though some patients may experience some slight redness of the skin and tenderness to the touch that are not long-lasting.

Ultherapy® - Stimulating Neocollagenesis

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