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What is Thermage FLX™?

Every year as we age, we lose roughly 1% of our collagen. Wrinkles, creases, open pores, heavy eyelids, skin laxity, and uneven skin tone are all signs of aging caused by the loss of collagen (and other components).

Thermage works with your body’s natural mechanisms to boost collagen levels where they’re low. Collagen “made” in this manner is long-lasting, safe, and, best of all, fully natural, as it is created by your own fibroblast cells.

At Lloyds Medical Group, we uses Thermage FLX™ is currently the latest generation of Thermage radiofrequency (RF) devices for skin tightening and a well-defined three-dimensional skin contour in Singapore. 

It is a premier, non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) FDA-approved therapy that can effectively smooth, tighten and contour skin for an overall younger-looking appearance.

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How Does Thermage FLX™ work?

Thermage FLX™ uses a patented technology- Monopolar Radiofrequency (RF) to gently heat the deeper, collagen-rich layers of our skin for it to contract, and encourage growth, instantly improving the appearance of sagging or loose skin, giving you a smoother, firmer, and younger look. 

Thermage FLX™ works in a single treatment and produces a natural result with minimal downtime.

Thermage FLX™ is an ideal treatment for: 

Thermage FLX™ vs Ultherapy

While both Thermage FLX™ and Ultherapy are US FDA-approved and similar in many aspects, there are a few difference that you should take note of before deciding which treatment is right for you.

The type of energy used by Thermage FLX™ and Ultherapy to encourage collagen formation is a key difference. Radiofrequency is used in Thermage FLX™, while Ultrasound is used in Ultherapy. This energy difference is crucial to note because Ultrasound can penetrate deeper into the dermis layer.

The treated areas are another significant difference between Thermage FLX™ and UltherapyIf you want to target the neck and décolleté area, Ultherapy is the treatment of choice as Thermage FLX™ is unable to treat these areas. People with mild to severe skin laxity should also consider Ultherapy. Thermage FLX™ is a good option if you want to target skin other than the face and neck.

We recommend that you have a consultation with us to decide which treatment is best for you. Based on your concerns and preferences, we can help you determine if Ultherapy or Thermage FLX™ is better for you.


Each session will take between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the treated area.

Thermage FLX™ provides immediate results that will continue to improve over time as your body’s natural collagen repair process takes place.

According to clinical research, results continue to improve over the next 4-6 months and can last up to 18-24 months.

Individual outcomes may vary depending on skin condition, age, genetics, lifestyle, and diet.

To get the most out of the treatment, we recommend doing 3 sessions over the course of 2 years to ensure optimal, long-lasting, and sustainable results. Treatment results can then be easily maintained with a single treatment performed every 12 to 24 months so as to continue to enjoy the benefits that Thermage FLX™ provides.

Thermage FLX™ is a generally painless and well-tolerated therapy. When the Thermage device comes into contact with your skin, you will experience a momentary cooling sensation.

A deep heating sensation is then felt for a short time, followed by a cooling sensation with a moderate vibration. During treatment, you may feel slight tingling and stinging.

Throughout the therapy, the temperature is monitored and adjusted as needed to ensure the patient’s comfort while achieving the best possible results.

There is little to no downtime with the Thermage FLX™ treatment.

Mild redness or small swelling may occur in some patients, although this usually goes away within 24 hours of treatment.

After treatment, patients can usually return to their normal daily routine right away.

Thermage FLX™ cannot be performed within 4 weeks before and after anti-wrinkle injections.

You can still apply makeup, resume your daily activities and shower as normal after the treatment.

Sunscreen use after treatment is highly recommended. Apply regularly and re-apply frequently to protect the skin from sun-damage after treatment.

After treatment, it is strongly advised that you use sunscreen. After treatment, apply sunscreen on a daily basis and reapply as needed to prevent the skin from sun damage.

There are no known side effects.

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