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What is Rejuran® Healer?

Rejuran® Healer is a skin healing and rejuvenating injectable formulated to fight signs of ageing and stimulate collagen production. Rejuran® Healer is also known in the market as 婴儿针 (in Mandarin).

Rejuran’s polynucleotide/ Polydeoxyribonucleotides (PN/PDRN) is a type of biological molecule that is extracted from salmon which is similar to DNA in cells.

Salmon was chosen because its DNA has been shown to have beneficial effects on human skin and is quite similar to human DNA. Salmon DNA has been proven to be safe, and it has been purified to reduce the risk of side effects including allergic responses.

PN may benefit the skin by acting as an anti-inflammatory and wound-healing agent, which can help to boost collagen production, improve skin suppleness, and improve skin hydration.

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How Does Rejuran® Healer work?

Rejuran® Healer is injected into the skin superficially using a very fine needle, a small amount at a time, at multiple injection sites. The use of PN in skin rejuvenation is primarily based on its wound-healing properties. 

It is achieved through the simulation of growth factors and increased microcirculation, as well as its anti-inflammatory properties, which are achieved through the scavenging of free radicals and the blockage of cytokines in the body. 

PN has been shown in numerous studies to promote cell development and wound healing.

These molecules have been shown to cause long-term skin regeneration from inside the inner skin layer, resulting in improved skin health, suppleness, and the restoration of skin damaged by aging and the sun.

Why Rejuran® Healer?

Rejuran® Healer increases collagen production, activates the skin’s capacity to self-regenerate, and reduces excessive sebum production, restoring the skin’s oil-to-moisture balance to a healthy condition.

Because PN is biocompatible with human DNA, Rejuran® Healer is considered safe as there have been no known negative side effects. It is not considered as a filler since it does not sculpt or alter your face shape. Furthermore, the Salmon DNA was purified and free of proteins that could trigger immunological reactions.

Rejuran® Healer helps:


Each Rejuran® Healer session will take around 45-60 mins.

The restoration/skin rejuvenation process is mostly dependent on an individual’s cellular turnover rate, however a significant improvement in the skin may normally be seen within a few days of the first treatment, with the best results observed after 3-4 treatments.

For a full-face treatment with Rejuran® Healer, 1 syringe (2ml) of Rejuran® Healer is used.

3–4 sessions spaced 3–4 weeks apart are advised.

To combat the symptoms of aging, a single treatment is repeated once every 6–12 months as maintenance.

Rejuran® Healer treatment is very tolerable. Prior to treatment, a numbing lotion is used to minimise any discomfort. To further alleviate discomfort, a local anaesthetic painkiller might be given.

Because the needle used in Rejuran® Healer is very small, there is very little downtime. Patients may have some skin bumpiness after the treatment; however, this normally goes away within 30–60 minutes.

There are no known side effects though some patients may have redness, swelling and pain at injection site which will resolve in 24-28 hours. Bruising is rare, but if occurs, can last 1-2 weeks but will eventually go away.

The Science behind Rejuran® Healer

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